Radial Spherical Plain Bearings

Radial Spherical plain bearings have an inner ring with a sphered convex outside diameter and an outer ring with a correspondingly sphered but concave inside surface .Their design makes them particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where alignment movements between shaft and housing have to be accommodated,or where oscillating or recurrent tilting or slewing movements must be possible at relatively slow sliding speeds.

ZWHZZ radia spherical plain bearings requiring maintenance have the sliding contact surface combination steel-on-steel.Bearings with this sliding contact surface combination require regular relubrication.The high wear resistance of the sliding surfaces makes these bearings especially suitable for bearing arrangements where heavy loads of alternating direction,shock loads or heavy static loads have to be accommodated.Bearings which have cylidrical extensions at both sides of the inner ring are intended for applications where normally spacer sleeves and arranged at either side of the bearing,or are specially designed for the bearing arrangements of hydraulic cylinders.

ZWHZZ radial spherical plain bearings requiring maintenance are available in the following designs,

steel-on-steel spherical plain bearings,steel-on-steel spherical plain bearings with inch dimensions ,and steel-on-steel spherical plain bearings with extended inner ring.
ZWHZZ  range of products │  Radial Spherical Plain Bearings │   Inner diameter: 200-1000mm
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