Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep groove ball bearings, a wide range in size, are a most used type in the rolling bearing, which can bear radial load and two-way axial load in a certain degree.

Sealed Type (with shield and seal ring )
The sealing device around the bearing can be simplified.
It has been filled with grease, and no more grease is needed.
For more information about the type and its performance of the main bearings with shield and seal ring , please contact ZWHZZ to get further more information.

Bearings with Snap Ring
The snap ring can be used for axial positioning, which simplifies the assembly Inner the housing.

Bearings with the maximum load
With a filling slot in the Inner and outer ring in its structure, the standard single-row deep groove ball bearing  have a expanded sphere diameter where more balls can be held, which improves the rated radial load, but does not suit for bearing axial load and high speed rotation.
The filling slot of the non-slewing ring should be installed on the side without bearing the load.

ZWHZZ  range of products │  Deep Groove Ball Bearings │   Inner diameter: 80-1240mm
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