Spherical Roller Bearing

With high rated load and self-aligning property, spherical roller bearings suit for bearing load at a low or medium speed and impact load.
These bearings differ from each other in their internal structures, with each type having the cylindrical bore or tapered bore. Bearings with tapered bore are easy for assembly and disassembly by using fasteners or withdrawal sleeves.
The taper of tapered bore can be classified into the following 2 kinds according to the bearing series:  
1:30 (auxiliary code: K30)... Series 240, Series 241
1:12 (auxiliary code: K)... Other series

Spherical Roller Bearing used for Vibrating Screen
With asymmetric roller and comb-shape outer ring riding cage made of copper alley in structure, they are  mostly suitable for vibrating screens.
Series 223 are mainly adopted for vibrating screens, which have a rigid requirement for the discrete control of deviation in the outside diameter of these bearings.

Bearing with Oil Holes and Oil Groove
Oil holes, oil grooves and dowel hole used to prevent rotation can be set on the outer ring.
Oil holes and oil grooves can also be set on the outer ring.
ZWHZZ  range of products │  Spherical Roller Bearing │   Inner diameter: 50-1180mm

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