GQB Toroidal Roller Bearing

The GQB toroidal roller bearing is a single row bearing with long,slightly crowned symmetrical rollers. The raceways of both the inner and outer rings are concave and situated symmetrically about the bearing centre. The attained optimal combination of both raceway profiles provides a favourable load distribution in the bearing, as well as low frictional running.

The rollers of the GQB toroidal roller bearing are self-guiding,i.e. they will always adopt the position where the load is evenly distributed over the roller length - irrespective of whether the inner ring is axially displaced and/or misaligned with respect to the outer ring.

The load carring capacity of the GQB toroidal roller bearing is very high even when it has to compensate for angular misalignment or axial displacement. This results in an perationally reliable bearing arrangement with long service life .

ZWHZZ  range of products │  GQB toroidal roller bearing │   Inner diameter: 110-1250mm